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Changes in HDO, which is not further discussed in the present work, are much larger (δ D = −800 to −600 ), and therefore the required measurement precision is about 50 . 5. In addition to the high sensitivity requirements, measurement accuracy is crucial. The envisioned strategy to achieve high accuracy is to perform in-flight calibration of the instrument by providing a well characterized measurement standard. 5. 3. Regardless of the aircraft used, these platforms add mechanical requirements to the measurement instrument that very much differ from laboratory or ground-based applications.

Consider a time series of mixing ratio measurements, such as the simulated one depicted in Fig. 3 (a). , a measurement every one second (∆t = 1 s). The random fluctuation of the data is due to the finite signal-to-noise ratio of the detection process, and for this simulation σ 2 = 1 (ppmv)2 was chosen. A drift within the data was simulated by adding a curve with constant slope5 , as indicated by the dashed line in Fig. 3 (a). The data set thus recorded can be divided into m subgroups of length τ, where each subgroup has N = τ/∆t elements.

This dependence is commonly referred to as the meteoric water line and was experimentally found to be δ D = 8 δ 18 O + 10 . 25) The 10 offset is denoted as the deuterium excess and is due to kinetic fractionation. A deviation from the meteoric water line is generally only induced by kinetic fractionation during evaporation. The measurement of water vapor isotopic ratios therefore provides a means to link a certain condensation history to an airmass. If measurements reveal that water in an airmass is isotopically substantially heavier than one would expect following condensation and Rayleigh distillation, then one can expect this airmass to have experienced a condensation history such as ice lofting, where the isotopic composition was fixed at an early stage, followed by transport.

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