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If the specimen is imperfect, what might be considered as D X S I, may actually be Bragg diffraction from a small number of mosaics which are misoriented with respect to the bulk of the mosaics in the crystal. Results of measurements made on copper single crystals also support these. Information about defects can also be obtained by measuring X-ray scatterring at small angles to the exploring X-ray beam (the low angle X-ray scattering-LAXS). This method is quite general and can be used both with single crystals as well as with polycrystalline materials.

His method, utilizing multiple-beam interference system obtained by doubly silvering, also required the knowledge of refractive index in addition to the differential phase change occurring at mica-silver and monolayer-silver interfaces. The measurement of metrical thickness of this film, therefore, should be independent of the refractive index and should not be subject to unkown differential phase changes. We, therefore, set for ourselves the task of designing such an experiment. 1 Experimental On a clean glass slide selected for its planeness, a thin layer of silver is deposited in vacuum by thermal evaporation.

For the X-ray diffraction studies, the molecular films were also built up on silvered microscopic slides. , the glass slide coated with silver does not produce any diffraction effects which would confuse or interfere with the interpretation of the pattern from the film. Fig. 15 shows the X-ray photograph for a film of 100 layeres of barium strearate. 2 Results The interferometric and X-ray diffraction observations [71] are given in Table 2. 3 Conclusions The agreement between the measured thickness of the unimolecular film and the chain length implies that the fatty acids spread on a water Fig.

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