Download e-book for iPad: Multi-Valued Logic, Neutrosophy, and Schrodinger Equation by Florentin Smarandache, Vic Christianto

By Florentin Smarandache, Vic Christianto

ISBN-10: 1931233047

ISBN-13: 9781931233040

This publication used to be meant to debate a few paradoxes in Quantum Mechanics from the perspective of Multi-Valued-logic pioneered by way of Lukasiewicz, and a contemporary inspiration Neutrosophic good judgment. primarily, this new proposal deals new insights at the notion of ‘identity’, which too usually it's been approved as given.

Neutrosophy itself was once built in try to generalize Fuzzy-Logic brought by means of L. Zadeh. whereas a few points of theoretical foundations of common sense are mentioned, this ebook isn't really meant completely for natural mathematicians, yet as an alternative for physicists within the desire that a few of rules offered herein could be came across beneficial.

The booklet is encouraged by way of commentary that regardless of virtually 8 a long time, there's indication that a few of these paradoxes identified in Quantum Physics usually are not but solved. In our wisdom, the reason is, the answer of these paradoxes calls for second look of the principles of common sense itself, particularly at the thought of id and multi-valuedness of entity.

The booklet can be meant for younger physicist fellows who imagine that someplace there could be a ‘complete’ clarification of those paradoxes in Quantum Mechanics. If this e-book doesn’t resolution all in their questions, it's our wish that a minimum of it deals a brand new replacement point of view for those previous questions.

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For other possible non-standard analysis, see Appendix 2. 1 Non-standard real numbers and real sets [121] Let T, I, F be standard or non-standard real subsets ] -0, 1+ [, with sup T = t_sup, inf T = t_inf, sup I = i_sup, inf I = i_inf, sup F = f_sup, inf F = f_inf, and n_sup = t_sup + i_sup + f_sup, n_inf = t_inf + i_inf + f_inf. Obviously: t_sup, i_sup, f_sup ≤ 1+, and t_inf, i_inf, f_inf ≥ -0, whereas n_sup ≤ 3+ and n_inf ≥ -0. The subsets T, I, F are not necessarily intervals, but may be any real subsets: discrete or continuous; single-element, finite, or (either countably or uncountably) infinite; union or intersection of various subsets; etc.

In a similar way, we could say about the element Michael that Michael( (40-60), (20-25)U(30-35), {10,20,30} ) belongs to the set of accepted refugees. As we have shown, Neutrosophic probability is useful to those events, which involve some degree of indeterminacy (unknown) and more criteria of evaluation - as quantum physics. This kind of probability is necessary be- 54 cause it provides a better representation than classical probability to uncertain events. Now let’s return to our cat paradox.

7 Epistemological Aspects of Multi-Valued Logic It seems worth to consider here an introduction to epistemelogical aspects of Multi-Valued logic and Neutrosophic Logic, albeit for more precise discussions the readers are recommended to find literature on Logic. 4 In other words it always requires a great effort to find a balanced comprehension between abstraction (pure thought, logical formalism) and observation (experimental data). Similarly, throughout history mankind has attempted to find an absolute and objective truth, which does not suffer from either relative views or subjective biases.

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Multi-Valued Logic, Neutrosophy, and Schrodinger Equation by Florentin Smarandache, Vic Christianto

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