John Lewis-Stempel's Meadowland: The Private Life of an English Field PDF

By John Lewis-Stempel

ISBN-10: 0857521454

ISBN-13: 9780857521453

What fairly is going on within the lengthy grass? Meadowland provides an distinct and intimate account of an English meadow's lifestyles from January to December, including its biography. In beautiful prose, John Lewis-Stempel documents the passage of the seasons from cowslips in spring to the hay-cutting of summer time and grazing in autumn, and comprises the biographies of the animals that inhabit the grass and the soil underneath: the badger extended family, the fox family members, the rabbit warren,the skylark brood and the curlew pair, between others. Their births, lives, and deaths are tales that thread in the course of the ebook from first web page to final. In Meadowland Lewis-Stempel does for meadows what Roger Deakin did for forest and rivers in his bestselling books Wildwood and Waterlog.

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