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30 In the north of Europe, we find the same trend. In England, if elites did not speak French, at least they peppered their English with French terms such as grand monde, risqué, épuisée or à la mode itself (as in Italian), according to John Dryden’s Marriage à la Mode (1673). In Sweden, French was in use at the court of Gustav III (who reigned from 1771 to 1792). 31 In the United Provinces, French was spoken alongside Dutch at the court of Prince Fredrik Hendrik (in office 1625–47), while in the eighteenth century it was the language of high society in The Hague.

55 24 GESINE ARGENT, VLADISLAV RJÉOUTSKI AND DEREK OFFORD mind, we can now turn to the way in which historical sociolinguistic work can engage with the study of French as a prestige language. Historical sociolinguistics and the study of French as a prestige language If we are to arrive at an understanding of the diverse origins of francophonie, its influence in single countries, as well as across the European continent as a whole, and its socio-political context, then we should not confine ourselves to a purely historical or linguistic perspective.

However, historical sociolinguistic study faces some specific challenges that apply to historical enquiry. Unlike scholars of twentieth-­century sociolinguistics, historical sociolinguists must contend with ‘bad data’,65 or rather ‘imperfect data’ as Brian Joseph66 chooses to describe the scant, sometimes inaccessible or unreliable sources with which historical sociolinguists are faced, and certainly they have no access to reliable spoken language data. Historical sociolinguists have at their disposal a range of materials which, depending on the time and place studied, can be extensive or extremely limited.

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