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By Vigirdas Mackevicius

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This ebook is dedicated to integration, one of many major operations in calculus.

In half 1, the definition of the indispensable of a one-variable functionality is diverse (not basically, yet fairly methodically) from conventional definitions of Riemann or Lebesgue integrals. Such an process permits us, at the one hand, to fast strengthen the sensible talents of integration in addition to, however, partly 2, to move certainly to the extra common Lebesgue fundamental. according to the latter, partially 2, the writer develops a thought of integration for capabilities of numerous variables. partly three, in the similar methodological scheme, the writer offers the weather of idea of integration in an summary house outfitted with a degree; we can't do with no this in useful research, likelihood thought, and so forth. nearly all of chapters are complemented with difficulties, generally of the theoretical type.

The booklet is especially dedicated to scholars of arithmetic and comparable specialities. besides the fact that, half 1 should be effectively utilized by any pupil as an easy creation to integration calculus.

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A Then f ′ (x) = g(x), x ∈ [a, b], and fn (x) − f (x) = fn (x) − fn (a) − f (x) − f (a) + fn (a) − f (a) x NL === a x = a fn′ (t) dt − x a ′ ′ fn (t) − f (t) f ′ (t) dt + fn (a) − f (a) dt + fn (a) − f (a) . Since fn (a) → f (a), n → ∞, it suffices to prove that that the integral with variable upper bound converges to 0 uniformly in [a, b]. Denote εn := sup fn′ (x) − f ′ (x) → 0, x∈[a,b] n → ∞. Then sup x∈[a,b] x a fn′ (t) − f ′ (t) dt sup x∈[a,b] x ε dt a n sup x∈[a,b] x a εn (b − a) → 0, fn′ (t) − f ′ (t) dt n → ∞.

Let f, g ∈ C[a, b], f be a monotone function, and g 0. Prove that there exists c ∈ [a, b] such that b c f g = f (a) a b g + f (b) a g. – Let f, g ∈ C[a, b], f be a non-negative non-decreasing function, and g 0. Prove that there exists c ∈ [a, b] such that b c f g = f (a) a g. – Denote ln(x) := 1 1t dt, x > 0. Show that this function has the well-known properties of the logarithm: ln(xy) = ln(x) + ln(y) for x, y > 0; ln(xα ) = α ln(x) for x > 0 and α ∈ R. 1. Area of a curvilinear trapezium Let us extend the notion of a curvilinear trapezium.

N} and {Iˆj , j = 1, 2, . . , m} be two partitions of the interval [a, b] by the constancy intervals ( nk=1 Ik = mj=1 Iˆj = [a, b]; Ik ∩ Ik′ = ∅ for k k′ ; Iˆj ∩ Iˆj′ = ∅ for j j′ ); suppose that ϕ(x) = yk for x ∈ Ik and ϕ(x) = yˆ j for x ∈ Iˆj . Then yk = ϕ(x) = yˆ j if x ∈ Ik ∩ Iˆj ∅. Moreover, |Ik | = mj=1 |Ik ∩ Iˆj | since Ik = mj=1 (Ik ∩ Iˆj ), and, similarly, |Iˆj | = nk=1 |Ik ∩ Iˆj | since Iˆj = nk=1 (Ik ∩ Iˆj ) (|∅| := 0). Therefore, n n k=1 yk |Ik | = m yk j=1 k=1 n m = k=1 j=1 Ik ∩ Iˆj = yˆ j Ik ∩ Iˆj = n m yk Ik ∩ Iˆj k=1 j=1 m n yˆ j j=1 k=1 Ik ∩ Iˆj = m j=1 yˆ j Iˆj .

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