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Such a lot Perl programmers have been initially educated as C and Unix programmers, so the Perl courses that they write endure a robust resemblance to C courses. despite the fact that, Perl comprises many good points that experience their roots in different languages comparable to Lisp. those complicated gains aren't good understood and are not often utilized by so much Perl programmers, yet they're very strong. they could automate projects in daily programming which are tough to resolve in the other approach. the most robust of those suggestions is writing capabilities that manufacture or adjust different capabilities. for instance, rather than writing ten comparable capabilities, a programmer can write a basic trend or framework which can then create the capabilities as wanted in line with the trend. For numerous years Mark Jason Dominus has labored to use practical programming options to Perl. Now Mark brings those versatile programming tools that he has effectively taught in different tutorials and coaching periods to a much broader viewers.

* Introduces robust programming methods—new to such a lot Perl programmers—that have been formerly the area of laptop scientists
* progressively builds up self belief by means of describing suggestions of revolutionary sophistication
* indicates easy methods to increase daily courses and comprises various attractive code examples to demonstrate the tools

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Consider an example like this:


Is a naughty boy. We would like to throw away the text Is a naughty boy, so that it doesn’t appear in the result. But to walk_html(), it is just another plain text item, which looks exactly the same as Junior, which we don’t want to throw away. It might seem that we should simply throw away everything that appears inside a non-header tag, but that doesn’t work:

The story of Junior

We mustn’t throw away Junior here, just because he’s inside a tag, because that tag is itself inside an

tag, and we want to keep it.

1 Fibonacci Numbers Fibonacci numbers are named for Leonardo of Pisa, whose nickname was Fibonacci, who discussed them in the 13th century in connection with a mathematical problem about rabbits. Initially, you have one pair of baby rabbits. Baby rabbits grow to adults in one month, and the following month they produce a new pair of baby rabbits, making two pairs: Month 1 2 3 Pairs of baby rabbits 1 0 1 Pairs of adult rabbits 0 1 1 Total pairs 1 1 2 The following month, the baby rabbits grow up and the adults produce a new pair of babies: 4 1 2 3 The month after that, the babies grow up, and the two pairs of adults each produce a new pair of babies: 5 2 3 5 TEAM LinG 34   Recursion and Callbacks Assuming no rabbits die, and rabbit production continues, how many pairs of rabbits are there in each month?

For example, if we want to write a recursive file lister that works like the Unix ls -R command, we’ll need to walk the directory tree. We might want our function to behave more like the Unix du command, which prints out the total size of every subdirectory, as well as the total for all the files it found. We might want our function to search for dangling symbolic links; that is, links that point to nonexistent files. A frequently asked question in the Perl newsgroups and IRC channels is how to walk a directory tree and rename each file or perform some other operation on each file.

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