Forms of Fermat Equations and Their Zeta Functions by Lars Brunjes PDF

By Lars Brunjes

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During this quantity, an summary concept of 'forms' is constructed, hence delivering a conceptually gratifying framework for the class of sorts of Fermat equations. The classical effects on diagonal types are prolonged to the wider classification of all varieties of Fermat varieties.The major subject is the examine of kinds of the Fermat equation over an arbitrary box ok. utilizing Galois descent, all such types are labeled; fairly, an entire and specific category of all cubic binary equations is given. If ok is a finite box containing the d-th roots of team spirit, the Galois illustration on l-adic cohomology (and so particularly the zeta functionality) of the hypersurface linked to an arbitrary type of the Fermat equation of measure d is computed.

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Applying what we have just proved, first to W l and W3 and then to W2 and W3, we see that Q[e(Wl ), e(W2)] is integral both over Q[e(Wl )] and over Q[e(W2)]. Combining this with the results of § 4, we see that, for any F in E( W2 ) or in Z[e(W2), E(W2)], the values of F at all points of QW2, not in W2, are integral over the ring Q[e(Wl )]. Take again Wand W' as above, and take any F in E(W'). If F=Eix; u',v') with n ~ 3, formula (13) of Chap. III, § 8, gives L F(x+r) = En(x; u,v). reR If F=E2(x; u',v')-e 2(u',v'), take formulas (12) and (14) of Chap.

7. Y), (10) a where x and yare real, and a=O or 1. )at o S - l dt. 1" and s by Re(s); then both series become series with positive terms, and the left-hand side converges provided Re(s) > a; 1; therefore, if that is so, termwise integration is permissible in the right-hand side of (11), and both sides are equal. Now take any T>O and cut up the integral in the right-hand side into an integral loon the interval 0 < t:;:; T and an integral I on t> T. 1":;:; exp( - t n2). -M. Using this, it is easy to verify that I is absolutely convergent for all values of s, uniformly over every bounded domain in the s-plane; it is therefore an entire function of s.

III, § 5, and the one derived from it by differentiation. This gives (1 6) ~'vt) . u',v') -- f( t, x,. u, v)e( -~UU2c ,t(2 - 2x t) + -2' U reR Multiply this with x, and put x=O; by (11), we get (17) , , , , (~ct2+~'vtU) q>(t;u,v) nf(t,r;u,v)=q>(t;u,v)e 2 ' , reR' UU where, as before, we have put R'=R-{O}. e. that (a,b,c,d) belongs to the modular group; then W' = Wand R' =0. To simplify notations, assume that ~=1, so that r=v/u, and put: , v' dr+b r = - = -u' cr+a' q' =e(r'), ~ " = u' = 'cr+a' z'=e(C).

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