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By Nicholas M. Katz

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This e-book is worried with parts of arithmetic, at the beginning sight disjoint, and with a few of the analogies and interactions among them. those parts are the idea of linear differential equations in a single advanced variable with polynomial coefficients, and the idea of 1 parameter households of exponential sums over finite fields. After reviewing a few effects from illustration thought, the publication discusses effects approximately differential equations and their differential galois teams (G_) and one-parameter households of exponential sums and their geometric monodromy teams (G). the ultimate a part of the e-book is dedicated to comparability theorems referring to G and G_ of certainly "corresponding" occasions, which offer a scientific clarification of the impressive "coincidences" discovered "by hand" within the hypergeometric case.

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Example 2-1g: Plot a cross at current position Enter the "Kruis" command K (Kruis means cross in Dutch): K and the computer will show the position of each dot it plots with a cross. This command is in the cross Menu KM, which is in the Screen Menu SM. This feature is a toggle. A "toggle" is a command that turns some feature on or off. If it is "ON", entering the command turns it "OFF" and vice versa. Hence, when the command K is entered again, the feature turns off and no crosses are plotted anymore.

Plot the Trajectory: T and you will see that the plotted trajectory is similar to the one in Figure 2-2. 6. When you would like to print the picture on paper, make sure the printer is on, and enter the "Print Picture" command PP and select printer. Wait until the picture is printed, and hit < Esc> a few times to return to the Main Menu. 3*Y, X) The initial condition of the trajectory is (0,2). Topic of discussion. The sequence of values appears to be somewhat random despite its deterministic origin.

For example, you can draw a box around the plotted trajectory by locating the "Box" command in the menu system and executing it. To locate the "Box" command, hit to return the Main Menu to the screen. Select the Screen Menu by typing SM < Enter > (or by typing sm , or by highlighting the Screen Menu with the arrow keys and then hitting Enter the "Box" command: B and a box will be drawn around the screen which frames the trajectory.

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