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This quantity includes the 2 most crucial essays at the logical foundations of the quantity procedure by means of the well-known German mathematician J. W. R. Dedekind. the 1st provides Dedekind's thought of the irrational number-the Dedekind minimize idea-perhaps the main well-known of numerous such theories created within the nineteenth century to offer an actual intending to irrational numbers, which were used on an intuitive foundation given that Greek instances. This paper supplied a basically mathematics and completely rigorous beginning for the irrational numbers and thereby a rigorous which means of continuity in analysis.
The moment essay is an try and provide a logical foundation for transfinite numbers and homes of the usual numbers. It examines the suggestion of average numbers, the excellence among finite and transfinite (infinite) entire numbers, and the logical validity of the kind of evidence referred to as mathematical or entire induction.
The contents of those essays belong to the rules of arithmetic and should be welcomed via those who find themselves ready to seem into the a bit of refined meanings of the weather of our quantity method. As a tremendous paintings of a massive mathematician, the publication merits a spot within the own library of each training mathematician and each instructor and historian of arithmetic. licensed translations by way of "Vooster " V. Beman.

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In accordance with the purpose of this memoir I restrict myself to the consideration of the series of so-called natural numbers. In what way the gradual extension of the number-concept, the creation of zero, negative, fractional, irrational and complex numbers are to be accomplished by reduction to the earlier notions and that without any introduction of foreign conceptions (such as that of measurable magnitudes, which according to my view can attain perfect clearness only through the science of numbers), this I have shown at least for irrational numbers in my former memoir on Continuity (1872); in a way wholly similar, as I have already shown in Section III.

5). This same most ancient conviction has been the source of my theory as well as that of Bertrand and many other more or less complete attempts to lay the foundations for the introduction of irrational numbers into arithmetic. But though one is so far in perfect agreement with Tannery, yet in an actual examination he cannot fail to observe that Bertrand's presentation, in which the phenomenon of the cut in its logical purity is not even mentioned, has no similarity whatever to mine, inasmuch as it resorts at once to the existence of a measurable quantity, a notion which for reasons mentioned above I wholly reject.

By Pasch in his Einleitung in die Differential- und Integralrechnung (Leipzig, 1883). But I cannot quite agree with Tannery when he calls this theory the development of an idea due to J. Bertrand and contained in his Traitl d'aritllmltique, consisting in this that an irrational number is defined by the specification of all rational numbers that are less and all those that are greater than the number to be defined. As regards this statement which is repeated by Stolz-apparently without careful investigation~in the preface to the second part of his V(lrlesungen iiber allgemeine Arithme/ik (Leipzig, 1886), I venture to remark the following: That an irrational number is to be considered as fully defined by the specification just described, this conviction certainly long before the time of Bertrand was the common property of all mathematicians who concerned themselves with the notion of the irrational.

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