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In other cases, Ahmad, one of the largest and best-known subdivisions of the Uruzname from the first man who had land in the Sultan Ahmad territory. " He was not described specifically as a tribal ancestor. Since the Uruzgani appear to result from a fairly recent coalition of two separate tribes the Dai Khitai and the Dai formed a branch of an ancient founder. Jaghuri tribe Chopan a third An while the Sultan Ahmad is remembered as having should have acquired tribe, it is significant that the tribe informant in Quetta implied a common when he said that they were not pure Hazaras, ancestor for the for Jaghuri, the founder, and a Tatar Khan.

The village community owned the land on which the hut was built, but the family had invested the labor of building the hut. Therefore, the family had prior right of usufruct, but if the family did not choose to exercise this passed to the village which owned the land, and whichever villager asked first might use it. Agricultural land, like dwellings, is the property of the family. During the life- right, it time of the father the sons aid him in the work under his supervision. " This is in accordance with Muslim inheritance law.

Consultation of a tribal the fact that Mir Bacha was the section list made available to the author revealed from which chiefs of the Daulat Pai sub- OBOK: A STUDY OF SOCIAL STRUCTURE IN EURASIA 20 tribe of Besud were drawn. Both informants might equally well have given the name Daulat Pai, but only one did. Informants living outside the Hazarajat and those of one tribe residing within the territory of another normally gave the tribal name name of a smaller subdivision, presumably that of the smallest segbe recognized.

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