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First. 1. For any A E C"3" the following conditions are equivalent: 1 5 K for all t 2 0. 1. There is a constant K such that 2. All eigenvalues K of the matrix A have a real part Re K 5 0. Furthermore, if J , is a Jordan block of the Jordan matrix J = SAS-I which corresponds to an eigenvalue K with ReK = 0, then J,. has dimension 1 x 1. (In other words, i f K is an eigenvalue with Re K = 0, then the dimension of its eigenspace equals the multiplicity of K as a root of the characteristic polynomial of A .

A(W. 0) = f(w). 8) is obtained. 3. , the spatial behaviour of the initial function is essentially determined by a single wave-vector w E R”;the constant vector f(w) E C” only allows us to multiply ez(w,z)by different constants in different components. c) f(z)dx, w E R”: is the Fourier transform of f(x). s)fl(w). w fixed, is known, and it is tempting to believe that describes the evolution to general data f(x). This formula expresses the principle ofsuperposition. 2, this process is often justified.

4) + ~t = V ( Z , 0) P ( J ,t , u , d / d s ) V + F + 6F. z E R”, 0 5 t 5 T. + = f(z) Sf(z), s E R”. 4) are also uniquely solvable, at least for sufficiently small perturbations, and that their solutions can be written as 2) = 21 + 6u. 5) Il6ull(l, 5 K(ll6FIl(2) + Il6fll(3,). Here (16u(Lll(l), J(SF11[2),Il6fll(3, are certain norms which still have to be specified. 5) should be independent of 6F and 6f as long as the perturbations are kept sufficiently small. This leads to the preliminary Definition.

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