Fred Reinfeld, Reuben Fine's Alekhine vs.Bogoljubow 1934 Match PDF

By Fred Reinfeld, Reuben Fine

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What’s your reaction? html (4 of 7)17/07/05 10:10:30 Braingames World Chess Championships Kirsan Iljumzhinov about such a possibility? At the moment there’s nothing I can tell you about it. It is something that may be considered but at the moment I have a contract with Braingames. If they [Braingames] want to do something with Fide – great! It will be very interesting and I would certainly consider it. If Braingames don’t, they have fulfilled an obligation to me. I’ll certainly make sure that I fulfil any obligation I have to them.

Got news for you here: Nobody does apart from FIDE – Not even Alexander Khalifman! Alexander Khalifman The fact of the matter is that, since the Kasparov-Short breakaway in 1993, the chess world has done a pretty darn good job at making the boxing world look a model of efficiency. html (2 of 6)17/07/05 10:09:57 Braingames World Chess Championships Iljumzhinov! Stewart Reuben However, now is the time for FIDE to strike. Before heading off to the Olympiad in Istanbul, Stewart Reuben, another member of the FIDE World Championship committee, and chairman of the Organisers committee, came round to see me in my exiled home at the London Chess Centre.

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