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It was perhaps through this association with the two Kurdis that ShSh Wali Allah established an intellectual liaison with this great thinker of Islam and immensely benefited not only from his works, but also from those of his illustrious pupil, Ibn al-Qayyim (d. 75111350). 106 Empirical observation is yet another important feature of his thought. In many of his writings, particularly Hujjat Alldh al-Bdlighah, we find him often having recourse to empirical arguments to establish a contention. 107 This empirical dimension of his thought afforded him a perception of reality that was at once more comprehensive and profound 32 Religio-Philosophical Thought than that of a great many of his predecessors.

However, an attempt will be made below to identify the main areas in which Shah Wali Allah shows traces of the influence of the earlier thinkers and to highlight those aspects in which he further advanced their ideas. It seems that Shah Wali Allah's socio-political thought was influenced by several Muslim philosophers and thinkers of the past such as al-Fkibi, Ibn Sin& lbn Miskwayh (d. 421/1030), Dawwani and Ahmad Sirhindi. In the present context, we would confine ourselves to three scholars who represent the major trends in Muslim scholarship.

The writers on modern sociology are generally disinclined to acknowledge anyone other than Auguste Comte and Karl Marx (d. '23 It would seem that Shah Wali Allah's original and innovative ideas in the field of sociology aptly fulfil this criteria of contemporary sociology. Influence of Earlier Muslim Thinkers on Shah Wali Alliih Shah Wali Allah is one of those few thinkers who are known for their consistent and systematic approach who tend to treat the questions in hand in a pervasive manner, a quality which he shares with some of his illustrious predecessors such as Abii Nasr al-Fariibi (d.

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