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E7 9 d4 White opens up the position. d6−d5. The pawn on c4 is part of this strategy and in the long−term the intention is to target the d6 pawn, Skripchenko,A−Te,R/Paris 1999. (Another twist in the same line is 11 c4 a6 12 ¤c3 £c7 13 ¤c2 A nice manoeuvre to add further force behind restricting the advance of the black d−pawn, Skripchenko,A− Khegai,A/Istanbul 2000). 8 c3 An interesting idea promoted by Yudasin. It seems strange not just to move the bishop to b2 but this high−class idea is to occupy the centre, while Black spends time activating the kingside.

A6 12 a4 e6 13 ¥g5 ¦fd8 14 f4 of Vokarev,S−Naiditsch,A Istanbul TUR 2003, is given in the note to the Mohr game, just above. e6 12 ¥g5 a6 13 b3 ¦ac8 14 £d2 Oratovsky prepares to put pressure on the d6 pawn. ¦fd8 15 ¦ad1 with an edge, Oratovsky,M−Pallardo Lozoya,J/Valencia 2002. ¦ac8 12 b3 ¦fd8 13 ¥g5 h6 14 ¥h4 g5 15 ¥f2 with roughly equal play, Voltolini,G− Barletta,A/Lido Estensi ITA 2003. 12 b3 a6 13 a4 £d8 14 ¥e3 ¤d7 15 ¦b1 £a5 This is a natural looking move, Zhang Zhong−Naiditsch,A/Wijk aan Zee 2003.

E7−e5 or have the option of avoiding the exchange of dark−squared bishops because after Bh6 the bishop can retreat to h8. e5 11 ¤h2 h5?! There is no need to voluntarily weaken the kingside. ) 12 ¢h1 £e7 13 f4 exf4 14 ¥xf4 ¤e5 15 ¤f3 ¤xf3 16 ¦xf3 f5?! a bold attempt by Krush to kickstart the game by fighting for the initiative. On the other hand it does make her kingside pawns look poorly placed, Perelshteyn,E−Krush,I/Seattle 2003. e5 with roughly equal chances, Nunn,J−Ivanov,V/Baden−Baden GER 2002.

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