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By Jose R. Capablanca

A simple guide of chess through the grasp José Raul Capablanca, considered as one of many part dozen maximum avid gamers ever. Capablanca used to be famous in particular for his technical mastery, and during this ebook he explains the basics as nobody else may perhaps. Diagrams.

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1... d5 2. Re6 x X. Line-opening with self-block. No. Ka6 2. Q f 6 x X. 1. Qcl ? 1. Ka6 2. Qh6 or - c 6 x x . Changed mate. B at random 2. Q c 6 x x . Bc3 ! defeats. 1. Rc2 ? 1.... B ~ 2. Q a 7 x X. Ka6 ! escapes this time. Qe5 ? Bb4 ! defeats. The good key is 1. Rd2 ! waiting. Ka6 2. R d 6 x X. mate yet again. Kc7 2. Q x a 5 x X. This is an ideal mate away from the edge of the board. Kc5 2. Q d 4 x X. B. This was, however, first published in the 'Birmingham News', 1897. No. 83 The key 1. R (c)b8 is waiting.

LOCKER 'Shakhmaty v SSSR\ October, 1974 No. 35 PETKO A. PETKOW 'South African Chess Player\ October, 1962 Mate in two Mate in two No. 37 G. DOROKHOV No. 35 The position is set and the only spare move available to White is 1. Kh2—which, therefore, is the waiting key. N any 2. Q g 4 x X. 1 h5 2. Qf6 x X. with self-block. B. In the absence of the P(h7), 1. Qg6 cooks. Mate in two No. 36 1. Qd6 ? d4 ! 1. Qe6 ! Waiting. 1 d4 2. Q c 4 x X. N moved 2. Q b 6 x X. 26 No. 37 The key 1. Nc3 threatens 2. Qe4 X X .

N at random 2. e 3 x X. Ne3 2. Q f 6 x X. Ne5 2. Qb6 x X. B at random 2. N b 5 x X. Be4 or B x e 2 2. Qe4x X. Shows Black correction by both N and B. Ne3 or Ne5. The likely-looking 1. Nf6 ? e. other than Be4 or B x e 2 ) . Nd6 2. Qe'3X X. Shows mate transference (for in the set position the mate comes after 1. Bc6). Bg6 ! defeats. Qa6 ! threatens 2. Qb5x X. Bc6 2. Q a 7 x X. Changed mate. Nd6 2. Q x d 6 x X. Unchanged. No. 96 G E O F F R E Y MOTT-SMITH 'New York Sun', 1932 No. 95 MIKLOSCH S. LOCKER 'Shakhmaty v SSSR', November, 1970 Mate in two Mate in two No.

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