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Ugaritic, came upon in 1929, is a North-West Semitic language, documented on clay pills (about 1250 texts) and dated from the interval among the 14th and the twelfth centuries B.C.E. The records are of varied varieties: literary, administrative, lexicological. a variety of Ugaritic drugs comprise parts of a poetic cycle relating the Ugaritic pantheon. one other half, the executive records make clear the association of Ugarit, therefore contributing drastically to our realizing of the heritage and tradition of the biblical and North-West Semitic global. this crucial reference paintings, a revised and translated variation of the author's Hebrew ebook (Beer Sheva, 1993), offers with the phonology, morphology and syntax of Ugaritic. The ebook includes additionally an appendix with textual content decisions.

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N). aw > 6 - Throughout this work the resulting vowel is transcribed as 6, but the possibility remains that it might have been ii as in Akkadian. 107,lO; cf. n [Gen. 26:27 and elsewhere] with assimilation of the waw or the yod; cf. T O 11, p. 98, and n.

The Ugaritic consonants not found in Hebrew were inserted in logical places to produce the following accepted order (the non-Hebrew letters are in parentheses): 4. 14 preserves a portion of the alphabetic signs, each followed by an Akkadian syllabic sign. g. a for 'a(&) "ox", be for bqtu) "house", ga for ga(m1u) "throw stick", etc. The resulting names correspond to the names of the pictographs of the Proto-Sinaitic script (Albright 1950b:23-24; ORTHOGRAPHY 11 Cross and Lambdin 1960:21-26; Cross 1967:23*-24*; and also Speiser 1964:42-47).

8 and T O 11, p. 209 and n. 176,6; cf. Bordreuil and Caquot 1980:351; for the possibility that this form is 3nd feminine singular see inja, p. 162). The aleph-Signs It is not known why the scribes at Ugarit chose to express vowels with the aleph. It would seem that the 'a was originally vowelless 16 CHAPTER ONE and that only later signs were added for 'i and 'u. The original purpose may have been for writing foreign words and only later did their use enter into the writing of Ugaritic words (cf.

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