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13 and AHP 54–55 and 115). The /w/ fills a hiatus produced by loss of a PIE laryngeal (see Watkins 1975: 378 and Oettinger 1976a: 39 n. 72). 142, p. 48). A mere long vowel /su:-/ (Berman 1972b: 188–89) would not account for the hyper-plene spelling (see also the discussion of Weitenberg 1984: 136–40). 11, p. 320). 9. 12 Rare exceptions to this rule are significant in that they often mark a clitic boundary. 10 obv. 15 signal a clitic boundary between the accusative singular noun (-un ‘ox’, -un ‘sheep’) and the following clitic local particle -ašta.

38. While many words are spelled consistently with either u or ú, there are also many cases of alternate spellings, even in the same manuscript. 34 i 32 vs. 5 iii 5; vs. 20 iii 43 vs. 7 iv 10 etc. vs. 35 i 8 vs. 5 iii! 46 iii 51 vs. 10 iii 26 vs. 72 iii 13. 39. 36 ii 8. On ti-e-et with dupl. 33, p. 21. On ku-i-en-zi see Melchert 1984b: 78. 54. )’. OH spellings ya-an-zi ‘they do/make’ and ya-an-ni-iš ‘they set out’ of what later is consistently written i-ya-an-zi and i-ya-an-ni-iš suggest that these words begin with y, not i.

19. Signs of the type CVC can have more than one reading. Seven signs each have alternate CVC values that differ significantly: pár can be read as maš, kal can be read as dan, kur can be read as mad/t, tar can also be read as ḫaš in Hittite words and as  in Akkadograms such as - ‘I fell silent’, kir can be read as piš or paš, ḫar/ḫur can be read as mur (although the mur value is largely restricted to the royal name Muršili and the geographical name Amurru), and the  ( pát) sign can be read as  in the Akkadogram - (Akk.

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