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By David M. Golomb

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Sg. ' The questioning of both main clause subject and object can be emphasized through clefting, as shown in (129) for emphasizing an animate subject (compare with (26)): (129) Min hu Ii mar ghat-tifel? sg. sub. sg. ' in (131) for emphasizing an inanimate subject (compare with (28)): Ii laqat il-kampnar? sg. sub. sg. ' in (131) for emphasizing an animate object (compare with (30)): Ii sawwat il-missier? sg. sub. ' and in (132) for emphasizing an inanimate object (compare with (32)): Ii gabret it-tif1a?

1) of the questionnaire: see examples (190), (191), (134) and (192)). 6. Do headless relative clauses occur? Yes. sg. neg. sg. - neg. ' Ii x'qalli kollu nsejtu? (197) Taf know - 2sg. sub. sg. ca. sg. sg. 7. What elements can be relativized? Besides the relativization of a superordinate subject, object or indirect object as subordinate subject, object or indirect object (cf. ), a noun phrase can also be relativized into a subordinate prepositional phrase: (198) Sibt il-labra Ii niggiit biha found - 1sg.

Note the following changes: the adverbial conjunctions introducing the finite clause change their form from waqt Ii and sa rna to waqt and sa respectively. The direct object argument in the finite clause is also retained in the non-finite clause, but is now preceded by the preposition ta' 'of (cf. 6. nominalized noun clauses). The inclusion of an adverbial in the nonfinite clause would be felt as too cumbersome. sg. sg. ffirmaw il-kuntratt signed - 3pl. sg. ' The changes here are similar to those in (237) - (238).

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