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A Concise Grammar of Polish is meant to be used as a supplementary reference textual content at the starting and intermediate degrees of Polish language learn. it's also compatible to be used because the basic textual content in a direction on Polish morphology (although routines would have to be supplied by means of the instructor).
Phonological and morphological strategies are given specific therapy and representation all through. Sections on declension and conjugation goal at an entire description of all commonplace and so much abnormal phenomena. Descriptions of kinds are liberally supplemented with comments referring to derivation, utilization, and modifications among Polish and English.

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In the soft example, the [c] is found in the basic form, which defines it as the soft type 3, meaning that the locative-dative is in -i/-y. The remaining complexity stems from the fact that the modern “soft” declension--type 3 here--actually includes synchronic softs, such as palatals, which opt for the ending -i, in contrast to historically soft dental affricates and alveopalatals, which opt for the ending -y. Thus, -k finals are hard and choose -e, -c finals are historically soft and choose -y, while palatal finals (like [ć]) select the -i ending.

E. ) 4. Conjugation I Present Tense pre-oral alternation. g. non-suffixed, -ną suffixed, non-syllabic -a), except for the regular -asuffixed type, which has yet another type of alternation. e. non-nasals, such as the -e theme vowel of the 2/3sg. verbal endings, the zero ending of the imperative, and the -on ending of the passive participle. It causes mutation in sonorants (r/n), labials (w/m), dentals, and velars (k/g); dentals opt for the palatal alternant, but velars mutate to alveopalatals.

G. [m’]) themselves are known to permit the alternate pronunciations of both [m’] and [m’j], this poses a potentially complex question for the pronunciation and declension of ziemia and armia. The solution lies in the fact that any word with the standard [m’] plus vowel pronunciation also admits [m’j] plus vowel as a pronunciational variant, but such stem-finals are nevertheless treated as containing [m’a] as underlying grammatical entities and belong to feminine noun class 3, with the zero genitive plural.

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