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The Chess difficulties contained during this quantity are the fabricated from the labour and activity of a few fourteen years. I say “labour,” simply because i'm really not any such Chess fanatic as to think assortment comparable to this is often produced with out chronic software engaging of the character of labor; and “recreation,” as the paintings has been a pleasure—how nice a excitement just a composer can absolutely detect. even if loads of the issues were republished in several papers at domestic and out of the country, simply the identify of the e-book within which every one initially seemed is given. unique of the prize record, in a few dozen situations for you to an development, they've been kind of reset seeing that their first visual appeal. The six extra to this assortment in letterpress on the finish of the suggestions are the final composed.
To the easiest of my trust there isn't a unmarried example of a twin continuation, and never being an admirer of twin pals, they're only a few and much among.

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CuuuuuuuuC {WdwDWdBD} {dWdNdpdw} {QDWDwdW0} {DW0kdr0R} {WDwgWDW$} {DWDPDWdW} {WDWDW0ND} {DWDWDKDW} vllllllllV Devon and Exeter Gazette two-move problems 53 146. pDwdWD} {1Wdk0WdW} {pDwDWDWD} {HWDWDWDW} {wDW)WDWD} {DBDWHWGW} vllllllllV Manchester Weekly Times 147. cuuuuuuuuC {WdW$WdWD} {dw0Wdwdw} {wDPgWdWd} {$W0wdPdP} {WdwdkDWD} {DW)wHN0P} {WDWGWDBD} {DWDKDWDW} vllllllllV Hampstead and Highgate Express 148. cuuuuuuuuC {WdWDQGWD} {dwdWdndw} {wDp4WdWd} {DWdw)WgR} {WdwiwDWD} {DWDwDWHN} {BDW)KDWD} {DWDRDWDW} vllllllllV Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 54 baird: 700 chess problems 149.

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