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The multiplied spouse booklet to the number 1 documentary movie approximately 2012! The 2012 meme has developed past any debates concerning the relevance of the Maya lengthy count number calendar to the lives of latest people. 2012 is ready us on planet Earth at the moment. December 21, 2012: will the area relatively switch ceaselessly in this date, the tip of a 5,125-year calendar final used over one thousand years in the past? definitely Hollywood would prefer you to imagine so. certainly, a not-so-small has arisen round the date, hawking every little thing from t-shirts to teleseminars. Clearing a course among delusion and truth, Alexandra Bruce surveys the total 2012 panorama, asking questions reminiscent of: Is the Earth wasting its Mojo? How did 2012 come to intend "The finish of Time"? Did psychedelics facilitate the Maya "Cosmovision"? should still we fear approximately Earth Crustal Displacement? What the hell is "Planet X"? Uniquely among an unlimited array of 2012 literature, this publication positive aspects interviews with the prime experts—including Graham Hancock, John significant Jenkins, Daniel Pinchbeck and lots of others—and insightful, precise research of the huge spectrum of opinion, debate, study and fantasy concerning the such a lot compelling "end occasions" prediction of the twenty first century.

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In 3114 BCE, the Maya were in their “Late Archaic” stage, having long since succeeded in domesticating animals and hybridizing local grasses into maize. In the timeline below, the period around 3100 BCE appears to have been a “watershed” moment for many civilizations, according to archaeological findings all over the world. 3114 BCE Start-date of a 13-b ’ak ’tun epoch of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar (correlated to Gregorian calendar), used by the ancient Maya civilization to record the post-Flood epoch, which ends on December 21, 2012.

Hun-Hunahpú did battle with the Lords of Darkness and he was tricked and his head was cut off … he got disconnected from his Wholeness. Hun-Hunahpú represents the December solstice Sun, so it’s basically a metaphor for the death and resurrection of the December solstice Sun Lord. “This makes sense because the December solstice is that day of the year that ends the previous year and begins the New Year, so it is like a day of death and rebirth. “However, it’s really a precessional myth because for many hundreds of years, the December solstice Sun has been shifting … very slowly towards the ‘Rebirth Place’ in the sky.

In the Old World, Eleusis was a place where seekers were initiated into the sacred mysteries. And at Izapa, those seeking knowledge were brought through a process of understanding this new galactic cosmology, because it was at Izapa where the galactic alignment was discovered and put in place with the Long Count calendar pointing to the 2012 end-date, how that was integrated into the creation mythology as a prophecy and a spiritual teaching … “Dimethyltryptamine [DMT] is a powerful hallucinogenic that can be harvested from the glands of the bufo toad.

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