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Scientists estimate that the whole biodiversity in the world is among 10 million and a hundred million species. of those, simply over 1.6 million and counting have really been catalogued and defined. One percentage, or 16,306, of these species are threatened with extinction, approximately one-fifth of them significantly. Of this crew, a few have vanishingly small populations within the double or unmarried digits. a couple of species, together with the Pinta Island big tortoise and the Yangtze significant softshell turtle, take a seat squarely at the border of extinction within the wild with a inhabitants of one.

In 100 lower than 100, Scott Leslie tells the attention-grabbing tales of species in far-flung areas not anyone ever hears approximately, just like the northern hairy-nosed wombat, the Gorgan mountain salamander or the Irrawaddy river shark. in the direction of domestic are the Vancouver Island marmot, the Wyoming toad and the Devil’s gap pupfish. Leslie additionally tells tales of hopeful growth, as many of the rarest of the infrequent are again from the threshold of extinction in the course of the devoted efforts of individuals round the world.

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Other species would soon disappear, 13 in all: two giant tortoises, a giant skink, a blind snake, two ducks, a parrot and a parakeet, a night heron, and an owl, among others, would eventually be wiped out as a result of hunting, introduced predators, and forest destruction. Things weren’t much better for those species that did survive. For example, not so long ago, the populations of the Mauritius kestrel, the pink pigeon, and the echo parakeet could each be counted on one’s fingers and toes (on one hand, in the case of the kestrel).

Now, all that is left of the once-abundant cheetah in Asia is a relic population of between 70 and 100 widely dispersed animals scratching for existence on the arid central plateau of Iran, a dangerous crossroads of drug smugglers and armed outlaws. Here, on top of the destruction of their habitat by agriculture and development, the desertification of grassland by the overgrazing of cattle, and the decline of their prey species, cheetahs are illegally hunted by poachers coming into the desert on newly created mining roads.

IRIOMOTE CAT In contrast to the three cats discussed above, which are regional races of species that range across nearly an entire hemisphere, the diminutive Iriomote cat has lived exclusively in the mist-shrouded, primeval jungle and mangrove swamps of its namesake island in the East China Sea since tectonic forces separated it from mainland Asia 200,000 years ago. What’s more, fossil evidence suggests the Iriomote may have existed as a species even earlier than that, nearly two million years before Iriomote was an island.

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